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MCAP & RMG Mortgages

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Partnering with MCAP and its’ subsidiary, RMG Mortgages, we helped sharpen their understanding of customers by expanding their relationship insights beyond financial balances, transactions, and product holdings.

Our approach in this partnership was to demonstrate how Froog’s intelligence engine can deepen customer relationships with actionable insights and improve sales productivity through fact-based strategies.

We agreed upon a “test and grow” working method to kick things off, and are continually learning from customer behaviors to establish and develop lifecycle engagement solutions.


About MCAP & RMG Mortgages

One of Canada’s largest independent mortgage financing companies MCAP, and its subsidiary RMG Mortgages, have over $67 billion in assets under administration. MCAP originates, securitizes, trades and services residential and commercial mortgages & development financing loans with some of Canada’s largest financial institutions.

Comprised of 700 employees in 8 offices, MCAP services over 225,000 mortgage loans across Canada. MCAP has the flexibility and expertise to create innovative financial products to match the needs of both borrowers and investors.